wtorek, 3 lutego 2015

A few days ago I was in McDonald’s restaurant in Włocławek. I ordered chips and a hamburger – I loved it! I saw a lot of young peoplethere and children with their parents.

When I finished my meal, I went back to my car to go home. During my way home I tried to create an idea to open a restaurant in Lubraniec with traditional, Polish dishes, like: broth, beetroot soup, breaded pork chops, noodles with cheese, etc. I imagined myself a spacious place, full of customers, with a specific, old-fashioned atmosphere inside.
After a few seconds I understood that this type of restaurants would be interesting only for my friends’ parents or grandparents!
Nowadays, teenagers are interested mostly in eating junk food or very rarely Chinese, Turkish or Italian food. In my opinion, they almost completely aren’t interested in eating our local specialities.
So, today I must change my mind. Now, I’m sure that it would be better to run a fast-food restaurant with junk food from different countries like: pizzas, burgers, chips, falafels, kebabs or even sushi. ;-) I wish it would be a great place for those people, who like spending evenings out with friends.

If young people in our area had such a possibility to visit a restaurant like this, they would gather together for a tasty dish a chance to chat.

niedziela, 7 grudnia 2014

#2 School’s catwalk?


Ripped jeans with a colorful t-shirt and sneakers – the most popular look in our school. We can meet it usually on the school’s  corridor. Classical and modern look, everyone can afford this style. It’s also the best option if we don’t have anything to wear J

2. Elegant

A long-sleeved, plain  shirt with a skirt, balerina shoes. Add some jewellery  and your new look’s been ready! You’re chic and glamourous- of course if you’re a girl.

Boys would rather choose typical dark jeans. At last,  they have loved shirts- I think they make them look more handsome J It’s a practical outfit if you want to look more awesome than usual.


This outfit is especially loved by boys. They wear loose and baggy trousers. The best t-shirt for them contains often flashy sentences. Sneakers (also the rest of the clothes) should be brand! The most popular brands are: Nike, Adidas and Reebok.
 It’s a very comfortable and fashionable look, but it might be expensive…

4. Dark

People who love dark  often keep off the way. They hate bright colours, especially pink. They don’t care about brand clothes and other students’ opinions. They just love dark!

As we see, students have a big choice of different outfits. Thanks to it,  we have a possibility to shape our personalities  and express our interests.
Outfit is really  meaningful for girls, who always want to look fashionably- they think that boys pay
attention to their clothes. It could be true but girls shouldn’t forget to keep their real personality and try not to hide it. It’s a really serious issue and we should remember it.

#1 At first…

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